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Flavien Guilbaud

Flavien Guilbaud   Digital Art Director based in Paris   Nantes  France

My name is Flavien Guilbaud, I’m a digital art director & designer based in Paris & Nantes, France. I’ve co-founded the french graphic studio Suspended Animations™. I’m currently working as Art Director in Immersive Garden.


Sim Boon Long

Boon is a front-end web developer based in Singapore. An advocate for modern web technologies, he specializes in responsive frameworks, HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, and Javascript. Boon believes in form follows function. And what brings a great harmonious design comes with a fine balance between data integrity and aesthetics of art.

David Ronai

Makiopolis by David Ronai

I liked to craft website & installation, mixing technology and design to deliver unique experience

Thierry Ambraisse

Thierry Ambraisse   Art Director   Photographer

I’m Thierry Ambraisse, a french Senior Art Director and Digital Designer based in Paris. I worked in advertising agencies and digital studios such as Soleil Noir Studio, Penny Lane and Big Youth.


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2014年12月 デザイン・表現方法・コンセプトが気になったWebサイトまとめ

2014年11月 デザイン・表現方法・コンセプトが気になったWebサイトまとめ

2014年10月 デザイン・表現方法・コンセプトが気になったWebサイトまとめ

2014年9月 デザイン・表現方法・コンセプトが気になったWebサイトまとめ


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