Portfolio Website Collections

Portfolio Website Collections




「いいなぁ」と思うWeb Siteを見つけたら、僕はまず制作している方を探します。

Coolな実績を残している方は、やはりPortfolio SiteもCoolです。
今回は、現在も世界中で活躍されているDeveloperの方のPortfolio Websiteをご紹介させていただきます。

Portfolio Website Collections

Jongmin Kim(Form Follows Function)

Form Follows Function

FFF is a collection of interactive experiences. Each experience has its own unique design and functionality. The site works beautifully on both desktop and tablet.

Kenji Saito

Kenji Saito

Code Sketch

My name is Kenji Saito. I’m from Japan. I live in New York, USA. I’m working as frontend developer At Luxurious Animal in New York.

Louis Ansa

Louis Ansa   Interactive Designer

I always try to think my designs with smart interaction and visual feedback. I love enhancing the layout by providing a further dimension and adding meaningful transitions. Some things I keep in mind while working: innovative interface, wether it is for desktop or mobile, user friendly journey, having fun ! I’m currently looking for an experience in Amsterdam from November to May but don’t hesitate to contact me for side projects starting May 2015, or just to hangout.

Du Haihang

Du Haihang

With multidisciplinary design and programming talent, he thrives to craft unconventional work. Now he mainly focuses on digital creations, including real-time graphic, Web/UI/UX design, front-end/Interactive coding, mobile, typography, print, .., to name but a few. He became independent in late 2012 for pursuing more freedom of creating and pushing the boundaries. Prior to that, he started his career as graphic designer, and had worked in several international advertising agencies with rich creative experience as Senior Art Director.

Mathilde Jacon

Designer Interactif   Mathilde Jacon

Designer interactif lyonnaise, diplômée d’un master en Direction Artistique, passionnée et pixel perfect lover, j’aime imaginer et créer des sites aux designs de qualité et aux concepts originaux centrés sur l’expérience utilisateur. J’apprécie également prendre le temps de réfléchir à l’ergonomie et aux animations afin de proposer une navigation intuitive, que ce soit sur desktop ou mobile. Ayant un faible pour la typographie, les jeux de couleurs et les expériences interactives, j’aime passer du temps à enrichir mes connaissances en faisant de la veille artistique quotidiennement.

Antoine Wodniack

Antoine Wodniack   Développeur Web WordPress front end   Freelance

Profesionnal portfolio of a Web front-end developper, full-time freelancer based in France.




クリエーティブディレクター / デザイナーの野田です。 小さい頃、兄にバトルDJとして育てられ、嫌になって逃げだした過去をもっています。 電車通勤です。 子供います。

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