10 Japanese websites with beautiful video

10 Japanese websites with beautiful video



A video tells more than a thousand words. With HTML5 / embedded video as feature content or as a background effect there is no need to rely only on still images and text to tell your story. In Japan the use of video in web design has become popular and in 2015 the trend will continue to gain pace. Here are some of my best picks for websites from Japan that you may not have seen, all of them share a creative implementation with high quality video production and website art direction.

1. Haneda Voices

みんなの声 羽田国際線でいってきまーす|ANA国際線

Upbeat music and timelapse video website for Haneda international airport.

2. Think Tokyo Local

Think  Tokyo Local   神田で考える、「街のつくり方」

Tokyo co-working space EDITORY used this website to introduce some of the interesting creative people who share their office.

3. Lifeproof

Life Proof Story   ずっと、守ってあげる

Watch the story! A cute little Japanese drama + interactive web design.

4. Waseda University


Main website for Waseda university. The background video compliments the information focus of the website.

5. Hachi Wari


Promotional site for classic Japanese stationery brand with video background.

6. Rikuba Sake Bar

お茶屋BAR 六馬 りくば    RIKUBA   西中洲のお茶屋バー

Video introduces the ambience of this classic sake bar.

7. Cimanetic

CIMANETIC   映画みたいな島根

Cinemagraphs as well as timelapse video introduce the people and beautiful landscape of rural Shimane prefecture in Japan.

8. Re-creation

株式会社リ・クリエーション   オフィシャルサイト

The Shibuya scramble crossing is one of the most iconic scenes in Tokyo. Night-time timelapse of the neon light and ocean of people.

9. Nobushina Coffee


Introducing Nobushina Genmai coffee with a lightweight but beautiful video and website.

10. Kotobanoie

books kotobanoie   Where books are whispering.   本のあるところ。

Kotobanoie – Where books are whispering. A nice little website + background video for this small bookstore in Hyogo prefecture.

Do you know of a cool website that use video / interactive elements? Let me know!



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