Riding the trains in Tokyo


A lot of life in Tokyo revolves around getting to places via train. I enjoy rail travel and thought I would share my thoughts and observations on this daily part of life in Tokyo.


I ride the Den-en-toshi line and Ginza train line to work each morning. My commute takes approximately 40 minutes with a short transfer at Omotesando. The entire trip is subterranean and when I finally broach the surface at Ueno station it looks like something from the closing scene of THX 1138.

THX 1138 ending scene (English, Full HD)

Though I have fond memories of the ‘choo choo’ trains in New Zealand that hobble between Upper Hutt and Wellington, they cannot compare to the state of the art in train technology that is here in Tokyo. Tokyo trains run regularly throughout the day, there is always a station where you need to be, and you can expect staff to be helpful and friendly.

So what’s the catch?

Train station jingles

Many stations have their own musical melody that plays when the train is about to depart. Here are a few of my favourites:

Takadanobaba station

(You may recognise the melody from Astro boy)

Ueno station

Tokyo station

Meguro station

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